California Grown

Perhaps the most reliable resource in this equation is the sun itself. The Mojave Desert location promises persistent hot, dry sun, almost always available. Just ask anyone there with a broken air conditioner. This ideal climate will yield multiple harvests of USDA certified organic, open-air product per year.

Reliable Water

This is no speculative venture. So Cal Hemp is already in the ground with a 5-acre trial irrigated with reliable groundwater at the Cadiz Ranch, which is over 10,000 acres – the largest farm in San Bernardino County. The Ranch has been operational since the 1990s growing a variety of crops in a clean, pesticide-free environment. Groundwater levels are at an all-time high.


SoCal Hemp JV brings together two pioneers – Cadiz and CCE – who are disruptors in their California industries. As a fully vertically integrated operation, we will strive for innovation and excellence in every aspect of the seed to the sale process. We will deliver the highest quality, most sustainable Hemp and Hemp-derived products on the market.